06 June 2016

MISTI Tool Hack

Have you ever heard of a MISTI tool? The long version name is "Most Incredible Stamp Tool

The following photo is from the mysweetpetunia.com site.

It's a tool that I've wanted, but at the moment cannot justify spending the amount of money on it.

There are so many cheaper versions that you can do - you can create one using a cd case, a dvd case - just to name a couple.

Just recently I saw on Craftyhallet's Facebook page where she created a spin off of the MISTI, using a front opening photo frame from Ikea. Here is also a link to her blog. Here's a photo of the frame she used -

We went to Ikea yesterday at Logan and you guessed it, I picked one up for $7-00.

Okay - it's not the quality of a MISTI, but if it does the same thing, I can handle that.

I've added some graph paper and printed up some measurements to go on the inside. I have to get some fun foam and magnetic sheet to add to it. This is what I've done so far to the frame- not much but it's a start.

I'll let you know how I get on, once I get those extra things that I need.

Hope this info will help you out. Please note, this is not my idea - it's Caroline's idea.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

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  1. Love my 'pretend' MISTI...works brilliantly...thanks for the idea...