12 May 2016

Wonderful World of Pocket Letters

Today, I want to introduce you to the wonderful world of pocket letters. You may ask what are pocket letters?

Well, it's where you fill up the pockets of a 9 pocket trading card protector, with little works of art (like Artist Trading Cards). Then you fill the other side of the pockets with things like stickers, washi tape, buttons, tea bags, etc as well as including a letter. Then you mail it off to your pen pal - or in my case I joined a swap, so I sent mine to my swap partner.

With regards to a theme, it doesn't really matter what you do unless you join a specific themed swap or agree to a specific theme with your swap partner. Some good information that was given to me, was to do something that I'm comfortable in doing.

The size of each pocket is 3.5 inches x 2.5 inches. To get inspiration on pocket letters check out pinterest, there are heaps of ideas there.

The pocket letter I want to share with you today, is a Mother's Day Theme. This was to be my first swap - I had absolutely no idea what to do. So I put my thinking cap on and thought I would stitch 9 little panels using patterns from Form-A-Lines and Stitching Cards to go on to the front of my inserts. So this is what I came up with -

The next few photos show the front panels close up -

 This is the back of the pocket letter -
In order of the pockets the goodies inside are - tag, letter from me, die cuts, flower bling, a tea bag, washi tape, stickers, buttons and some little tags.

These are so much fun to make. I've done another one, that I'm hoping to share with you shortly, have to wait until the recipient receives it before I can share.

Looking forward to sharing more of these pocket letters with you.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

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  1. What as great idea, LOVE your stitched cards, they are beautiful, I bet whoever got them was really happu